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"I planned to go to Mull originally, but I might stay here for a bit, I had no idea this place existed and was so stunning..."


Highland Basecamp is in a stunning location on the west coast of Scotland. We're situated in the small village of Lochaline, right opposite the Isle of Mull.

Cycle along winding forestry trails with views over the Sound of Mull, all amongst hidden waterfalls and valleys.

Replenish yourself with the fresh sea breeze. Discover untouched nature and wildlife along the coastline from a kayak or paddleboard.

along rivers and endless hillsides to explore historic village ruins, lush gorges and diverse temperate rainforest.

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Food & Drink

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are transformed into a tasty dining experience at the Whitehouse Restaurant in Lochaline. 

For a quick and satisfying bite, head to the Snack Bar at the pier. Whether you crave a hearty venison burger or traditional fish and chips, is an option on the go.

Discover the art of sustainable whisky-making at Nc'nean Distillery. This renowned establishment crafts its spirits using organic, Scottish barley. Take a guided tour, learn about the intricate distillation process, and savour the smooth, rich flavours that make Nc'nean whisky a true delight.


Welcome to Lochaline, a hidden gem nestled on the breathtaking Morvern peninsula. Surrounded by beauty, this idyllic location is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Amidst this picturesque setting, the native oyster restoration project thrives, cultivating a vibrant marine ecosystem.

As you explore the shores, keep an eye out for sea eagles, golden eagles and otters - don't forget you camera!

Close to Lochaline you'll find Loch Arianas where you can spend time exploring the Rahoy Hills Nature Reserve as well as the temperate rainforests.

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Highland Basecamp Lochaline Hostel Lands

Nature can be found on and under the ground.


The Morvern peninsula has varied history to explore, whether it's in the village of Lochaline itself or slightly further afield.


Lochaline's Kiel church is home to a unique 6th century medieval cross and the other artefactsAt the head of the loch Ardtornish Estate has history unto itself with castles and an impressive gardens. 


Abandoned settlements along Auliston Point and the Aoineadh Mor Historic Township, to name a few, reveal echoes of a bygone era.


In recent history Lochaline was identified as having a large deposit of high quality silica sand. For over 80 years the mine has been extracting this very pure resource.

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