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"We believe a great experience starts with a great team."

— said someone some time.

(Actually, Dave made that up on one of his many bike rides.)

Who are we?

Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fraser.jpg
Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fee
Highland Basecamp Lochaline Dave Snorkelling

Diving has been part of my life since I was 12 years old, a friend's parents took us on a discover scuba session and I was hooked.


From then on I took course after course and have been lucky enough to dive & work all over the world in some incredible places.


For me, a quality experience on the dive day is just as important as the dive itself, that's what I hope we can bring to our guests at the Highland Basecamp in Lochaline.


My love for water started early, my grandparents gave me a dive mask when I was 8. And none of us knew a snorkel should go with it. So my intermittent gasping head popping up to the surface was the sign I was okay.

Thankfully I learnt fast & for the last 5 years have been a dive instructor in Iceland. Now I'm looking forward to continue my passion in many different ways in the beautiful and vast nature of the Scottish Highlands.


If I'm not outdoors, then something's not quite right! I'm mostly at home, on a bicycle, on foot or more recently on a boat.

My beard's a bit wild, but it doesn't hold me back even in rain! And talking of rain, Billy Connolly said it best, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.


Scotland has always held a special place in my heart, I holidayed here, went to Uni here and with Highland Basecamp I now call it home.

Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fraser Diving.jpg
Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fraser Snow

What Dave says about...


There isn't any type of diving that Fraser hasn't done, and if you do find one, then he's probably thought about trying it at some stage. His energy for the sport is infectious, and he certainly knows his valves from his o-rings. Actually what Fraser doesn't know about scuba diving isn't worth knowing.

He's worked in all sorts of climates across Europe and the Middle East and is just as happy in a worn out wetsuit cruising a reef in 25c water as at the end of submerged lava tube in zero degrees with an hour's swim back to shore. Now he's taking all he's learnt and applying it to his own adventure in the Highlands of Scotland.


Running his own dive centre has been a dream of his for years, and Highland Basecamp is the bringing together years of diving and scientific experiences into his own business.

Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fee-3.jpg


What Fraser says about...

Fee's name has unfortunately nothing to do with getting paid regular amounts of money, but is more related to the Scottish Fae in pronunciation. In her free moments you'll find her in the nearby natural water bodies being a water faery.


She’s gained a great deal of guiding & driving skills in the past years working as a diving/snorkelling instructor and northern lights guide in Iceland. She’s got extremely good driving and diving skills (Tripadvisor speaking) and is always called out for her big smile and infectious joyfulness.

Fee has the warmest of hearts and as well as having loads of great German efficiency is always keen to go the extra mile to make anyone feel at home and like they're around friends.

Highland Basecamp Lochaline Fee Portrait
Highland Basecamp Lochaline Dave-10.jpg
Highland Basecamp Lochaline Dave Profile


What Fee says about...

Dave always seems to be buzzing about something, and this usually ends up with him heading out and trying it. He's crazy about photography & cycling, and yes, he's got himself a gravel bike (whatever that is). Apparently it's great for exploring the Scottish Highlands. You should try it.


He's got a love of proper coffee, (bordering on an obsession) which he grinds by hand each morning. Dave will chat to anyone about anything, in fact when you see him try it, start talking abut any random topic and he'll settle in for a right o' natter.


Before Highland Basecamp, Dave was a professional photographer for a small company and most of the photos on our website here are taken by him - he got skills! Lochaline and the Morven peninsula is like a playground for Dave and his Canon.



Self catering accommodation in Lochaline. Our hostel has 12 private en-suite bunk rooms along with a spacious kitchen & lounge area.


​We believe every memorable adventure begins with a great place to base yourself. One that's warm, welcoming and full of Scottish charm.


Highland Basecamp has 12 private en-suite bunk rooms and a communal decking area. Our new, fully equipped self catering kitchen & spacious lounge are open - ready & waiting for you to relax in after a day exploring the hills or waters.

All our rooms are warm & cozy with direct outdoor access. This means you can come and go as you please. We operate self check in & out making the whole process nice and simple.

We are HIGHLAND BASECAMP and we welcome you to our Bunkhouse.

Highland Basecamp Lochaline Bunkhouse Building.jpg


We offer air & nitrox on site at Highland Basecamp for all sorts of diving.


We believe a warm cozy night sleep is the best way to kickstart your adventure.


Cycling, kayaking, SUP & all that jazz. We're situated in a great area for many outdoor adventures.


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